Study 2: The Spirit of God
Definition | Inspiration | Gifts of the Holy Spirit | The Withdrawal of the Gifts | The Bible The Only Authority | Digressions (Is the Holy Spirit A Person?, The Principle of Personification, Calvinism, "Ye shall receive the . . . Holy Spirit", "These signs shall follow") | Questions

STUDY 2: Questions

  1. Which of the following are meanings of the word 'Spirit'?
    1. Power
    2. Holy
    3. Breath
    4. Dust
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  2. What is the Holy Spirit?
    1. A person
    2. Power
    3. God's power
    4. Part of a trinity.
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  3. How was the Bible written?
    1. Men wrote down their own ideas
    2. Men wrote what they thought God meant
    3. Through the inspiration of men, by God's Spirit
    4. Some of it was inspired, other parts were not.
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  4. Which of the following are reasons why the miraculous gifts of the Spirit were given?
    1. To back up the verbal preaching of the Gospel
    2. To develop the early church
    3. To force people to be righteous
    4. To save the apostles from personal difficulties.
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  5. From where can we learn God's truth?
    1. Partly from the Bible, partly from our own thinking
    2. From the Holy Spirit telling us things directly, apart from Bible reading
    3. From the Bible alone
    4. From religious ministers/ priests.
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  6. Name some of the spirit gifts possessed in the first century.
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  7. When were they withdrawn? Is it possible to have them now?
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  8. How can the Holy Spirit work in our lives today?