Study 5: The Kingdom of God
Defining The Kingdom | The Kingdom Is Not Now Established | The Kingdom Of God In The Past | The Kingdom Of God In The Future | The Millennium | Digressions (The Literality of the Kingdom, Summary of the History of Israel) | Questions

STUDY 5: Questions

  1. Which of the following is the time for the establishment of God's Kingdom?
    1. It has always been established
    2. At Christ's return
    3. At the day of Pentecost in the first century
    4. In the hearts of believers at their conversion.
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  2. Did the Kingdom of God exist in the past? If so, in what form?
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  3. When did it end?
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  4. What is the Millennium?
    1. A reign of grace in our hearts
    2. A 1000 year reign of the believers in Heaven
    3. A 1000 year reign of Satan on the earth
    4. The first 1000 years of God's future Kingdom on earth.
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  5. What will the Kingdom be like?
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  6. What will the present believers do in the Millennium?
    1. Be rulers over the mortal people
    2. Be rulers in Heaven
    3. We do not know
    4. Live on another planet
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  7. Was the message about the Kingdom of God preached:
    1. Just in the New Testament
    2. Just by Jesus and the apostles
    3. In both Old and New Testaments
    4. Just in the Old Testament.