Study 6: God and Evil
God and Evil | The Devil and Satan | Demons | Digressions (Witchcraft, What Happened In Eden?, Lucifer, The Temptation of Jesus, "War in Heaven") | Questions

STUDY 6: Questions

  1. Who is ultimately responsible for our problems and trials?
    1. God
    2. Chance
    3. A sinful being called Satan
    4. Sinful beings called demons
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  2. What is responsible for our temptation to sin?
    1. Our own human nature
    2. God
    3. Evil spirits
    4. A sinful being called Satan.
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  3. What does 'devil' mean as a word?
    1. Sin
    2. The serpent
    3. False accuser/ slanderer
    4. Lucifer
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  4. What does 'satan' mean as a word?
    1. A sinner
    2. An adversary
    3. A beast
    4. King of demons
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  5. Can the word 'satan' be applied to good people?
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  6. What can 'satan' and 'devil' refer to figuratively?
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  7. How should we understand 'demons' as referred to in the New Testament?
    1. Sinful Angels
    2. Sicknesses
    3. The language of the day for sicknesses, which people thought were caused by 'demons'
    4. Spirit beings
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  8. What do you understand by the snake in the garden of Eden?